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Six Senses

I know you’re speaking to meWhy am I so deaf That I cannot hear you I know you are drawing meIn my times of lonelinessBut I

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There’s blackness in my soulKnowing you are thereFeeling the total abandonment Knowing you are there Knowing you are thereBut where are you?   Knowing you are thereBut

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What is this loneliness so strangeThat comes upon meWhy is this feeling so unknowTugging at my heart Friends surround meFamily are hereChristians ever nearWhy then

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Desiring with passion to draw closer   Closer to You my precious LordSeeking to come to the horizonHorizon that is so very distant  Trying to understand

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Another lockdown

Another lockdown!Another semi-confinement!What is happening?  Who’s in control?Who can we trust?What’s is happening next? The world’s going haywireViruses, racism, political unrest, etc…A very scary scenario

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Out of lockdown! Finally!

This unusual lockdownTook us asideTo draw closer to HimPraying with perseveranceEvaluating our prioritiesFinding an uneasiness in our comfort zones Eve of lockdownBack to normalThere is

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