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A silent cry of anguish in my heartCries outWhy are you staying in your comfort zones? A decision to follow the Lord is seriousVery seriousWe’re

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Amazing love

Your Love is so incredibly awesome …So misunderstood …So misinterpreted …So misunderstood …It can never be realised …It is too deep … It comes in

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What next – part V

What next?I always askWhat must I do now? Praise me For where you are Praise meFor the many valleys Praise meAgain for the ravines A lifeWithout

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Sweet victory

There is a sweet victoryVictory that goes deeper than loveLove that transcends all comprehension There is a precious loveLove that goes beyond all peacePeace that

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Monde en chaos

Le monde d’aujourd’hui est en plein bouleversementBouleversement des dirigeants politiques qui se battent pour le pouvoirPouvoir menant au pouvoir total et à la corruptionCorruption dans

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World in total chaos

The world today is in total upheavalUpheaval leading political leaders fighting for powerPower leading to total power and corruptionCorruption in religious groups leading all to

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