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There is a cry

There is a cry in my heartWhat’s happened to this generation of ours?Why all this indifference in young adults?What example are giving to our teenagers?Why

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Please Listen …

Oh to draw close to youTo hear your heartbeatTo listen to that silent cryAbove these tumultuous times Oh I hear Your incessant pleasDon’t you hear

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What will happen when we come out of Lockdown?Lockdown for some was just another of life’s frustrationsFrustrations demanding a return to life as it wasBut

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Outcasts of poverty

The Lord’s heart aches to see your loneliness Jesus looks upon the tears of your heart He specializes in restoring your collapsed lives Are you

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Godly indignation

I feel a Godly indignationAnd I must speak outI cannot remain silent so …Covid-19 is reaping panicAnd what do we do? Covid-19 is very dangerousFor

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Covid -19 Help Lord!Where are you?We’re in much painWe are crying in despairWe’ve reached the end of hopeChrist at the heart of this epidemicI am

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