Amazing love

Your Love is so incredibly awesome …So misunderstood …So misinterpreted …So misunderstood …It can never be realised …It is too deep … It comes in

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Sweet victory

There is a sweet victoryVictory that goes deeper than loveLove that transcends all comprehension There is a precious loveLove that goes beyond all peacePeace that

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World in total chaos

The world today is in total upheavalUpheaval leading political leaders fighting for powerPower leading to total power and corruptionCorruption in religious groups leading all to

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Perfect love (I John 4:18)

Pondering the magnificent love of the Alpha Explaining this most wonderful mystery is impossible Realizing that atonement of sins is unrealizable Empowering us to rise

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Amazing Love

In the deepest valley You are always there Your victory is present In the lowest abyss Amazing love Flowing freely Amazing love So intense Amazing

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