World in total chaos

The world today is in total upheaval
Upheaval leading political leaders fighting for power
Power leading to total power and corruption
Corruption in religious groups leading all to confusion

Covid-19 and all pandemics
Pandemics leading to isolation
Isolation to more distress
Distress leading to panic
This world is a complete chaos
Chaos leading people searching for answers
Answers leading to oh many opinions
Opinions, opinions that one doesn’t want

Where can one find genuine love?
Eros love is pleasurable but no
Philia love between friends can so easily be broken
Storge is parental love but doesn’t go deeper enough
Agape love is a truly divine love

It goes far beyond Philia and Storge 
Agape love loves unconditionally and is unfathomable
But where can we find such love? 
Is it in religion? No
Is it in churches? No

It is in a personal relationship with Jesus