Your love

Your Love is so incredibly awesome …
So misunderstood …
So misinterpreted …
So misunderstood …
It can never be realised …
It is too deep …

It comes in the middle of the night
When all is quiet
A deafening silence
When all hope is gone
And there is a silent cry in your soul
And an indescribable agony in your chest

You can only lie prostrate 
And in the stillness of the pain
You feel nothing
Then all of a sudden
It is surrounds you
And you dare not move
And you dare not breathe
It’s a heavy mantle on you
There are no words
Just tears ….

Tears as you begin to perceive
This Amazing Love of God
And you start to appreciate
His Suffering Love for us

What an Incredible Saviour we have
And the Unbelievable Price He paid
You can only start to comprehend
The depth of His Love
Through suffering

How dare the world ignore Him
He’ll have every right to send them to hell
How dare Christians make light of it
He’ll have every right to judge us accordingly