Perfect love (I John 4:18)

Pondering the magnificent love of the Alpha
Explaining this most wonderful mystery is impossible
Realizing that atonement of sins is unrealizable
Empowering us to rise above our limitations
Conquering our fears through His infinity
Trusting the ordained commands of the Omega

Lovely, is His compassion
0verwhelming, is His comprehension
Victorious, are His ways
Eternal, are His promises

Considering the power and authority of Alpha
Answering to the call of the Almighty
Silencing us quietly to His awesome Omnipotence
Turning to the One who holds eternity
Expelling from our minds thoughts of desertion
Targeting our focus to the Holy One
Hallowing the awesome presence of the Omega

Omniscient, is His presence
Uplifting, are His commands
True, is His word

Finding the strength needed in the Alpha
Embracing the security provided by His majesty
Accepting the tender mercies of His magnificence
Remembering always the triumph of the Omega