Jessica the Jackdaw

Jessica the Jackdaw That’s right I’m a bird I belong to the crow family Jessica the Simpleton As the name ‘Jackdaw’ implies ‘Is a misnomer

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Rachel the Rabbit

Hello Hello I’m Rachel the rabbit I was won at a raffle My future lay in the balance I was destined for the nasty butcher

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Ursula the Uakari

I have a bright red face Ursula the monkey No, I am certainly not embarrassed! I am a creation of God On the verge of

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Gerald the Groundhog

Marmota Monax in Latin Groundhog in common English Gerald the intellectual Woodchuck is my nickname ‘Marmotte’ in French, please! Early one February 2nd After the

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Fiona the Ferret

I am a clever burglar Fiona the thief Anything my little paws finds I diligently and cautiously hide I sleep for twenty hours Fiona the

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Vincent the Viper

Meet my ancestors Vincent the IV Is my name We are very strange reptiles indeed With three hundred pair of ribs Two hundred teeth in

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