Ursula the Uakari

I have a bright red face
Ursula the monkey
No, I am certainly not embarrassed!
I am a creation of God
On the verge of total extinction

I am a South American anthropoid
Ursula the ape
No, I do not speak Spanish!
I live in the rain forests
Of the famous Amazon river basin

I search for fruit and nuts
Ursula the gourmet
No! I am definitely not a carnivore
I can open a brazil nut
Just with my very powerful jaws

I live in groups called troops
Ursula the socializer
No, I am not a hermit!
My family and friends are many
Numbering close to a hundred primates

You may ask yourself many questions
Ursula the intelectual
No, I’m not a useless animal!
I was created for a purpose
And it’s for you to discover!


Uakari Facts