Herbert the Hedgehog

There was a small brown hedgehog Herbert by name Whose daily passion was a jog Went looking for his “angus og”* Monday, he searched high

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China the Cat

I had a small cat A Siamese one at that “China” was his given name But none called him that” Puss-Puss” my father continually claimed

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Ellis the Eagle

Ellis The eagle A majestic bird With first-class eyesight Symbol of power and strength With its powerful and graceful wings Comprising of many feathers, over

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Leonard the Lion

I am the king of the jungle I am a very majestic animal I live in groups called a pride Consisting mainly of females and

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Zara the Zebra

Zara Zara the Zebra I have an unusual coat Whites stripes on a silk black undercoat Or black streaks on a white satin prime coat

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Charlie the Caterpillar

My first poem written when I was 12. Said the flower To the caterpillar ‘How ugly you are!’ When I’m a butterfly Said the caterpillar

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