Vincent the Viper

Meet my ancestors
Vincent the IV
Is my name

We are very strange reptiles indeed
With three hundred pair of ribs
Two hundred teeth in six rows
We smell with our forked tongue
We are deaf with poor eyesight
We swallow our food whole, tut-tut !

I once was the most beautiful animal on earth
Now I am reduced to slithering in the dirt
I was the deceiver in the Garden of Eden*
My ancestor, Vincent the I, been overtaken by Satan
Tempted Eve and now just look at the mess!!
In the wilderness, the ungrateful Israelites were always murmuring
The Lord sent, Vincent the II, to bite them*
Vincent the III fastened himself on Saint Paul’s hand*
My Hall of Fame is a Hall of Shame!!


Apologies to all Vincents
* Gen.3, Num 21, Acts 28