World in total chaos

The world today is in total upheavalUpheaval leading political leaders fighting for powerPower leading to total power and corruptionCorruption in religious groups leading all to

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End que 2022

The past few years have been crazyTwo years of CovidWith all the isolationLeading to all it’s evils The war in UkraineSenseless destruction for what?With this

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Stand still

Stand still and let God moveYour severe trial will undoubtably leadTo the creation of something newIt is in this quiet crucible Of your personal and private

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There’s blackness in my soulKnowing you are thereFeeling the total abandonment Knowing you are there Knowing you are thereBut where are you?   Knowing you are thereBut

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Outcasts of poverty

The Lord’s heart aches to see your loneliness Jesus looks upon the tears of your heart He specializes in restoring your collapsed lives Are you

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Don’t quit

Don’t quit Don’t quit Until you have nothing left Don’t quit on me Ok Lord But … “Remember the word unto thy servant, Upon which

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