Walking Blind

Walking blind When the tornado strikes And you don’t see it coming You hold on for dear life Walking blind You alone feel it And

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Zara the Zebra

Zara Zara the Zebra I have an unusual coat Whites stripes on a silk black undercoat Or black streaks on a white satin prime coat

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M y   T h a n k s g i v i n g T‘is the time to remember the Lord’s graciousness over the

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Stepping Stones

Stepping stones to moving out in faith The first step is sacrificing our Isaac That has such a grip on us Next is letting go

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Les derniers kilomètres

L’éternité s’étend d’Alpha à Omega Le Seigneur est toujours là Traversant notre passé et présent Guérissant nos blessures à jamais La victoire nous est assuré

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Leonard the Lion

I am the king of the jungle I am a very majestic animal I live in groups called a pride Consisting mainly of females and

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