Keep going

On this journey of life
We make many encounters

Working colleagues who desperately need the Lord
Conceited family members sensing no real urgency
Fair weather friends looking for some hope
And because of their lot in life
Are desperately unhappy
Bitterness trying to hide behind their eyes
Shame disguising and portraying itself as pride
A plastic smile covering tears of sadness…

Oh, Lord help me
To reach out to them

There are my brethren in the Lord
Who, for some unknown reason, despise me
Ignoring me, slighting me, gossiping, finding fault
Lord? Why my dear brothers and sisters?
It really hurts…
There’re dangerously treading the line of judgment…
“I know your wounds and your concerns
But leave them in my loving care…”

Will you reach out to these too?

My precious daughter, my precious child
I have chosen you for a special task
I know it has its hardships
But keep going…
Your reward is great.