Mes 60 ans

Que dire sur ses cinq décennies passées? Première décennie –  était pleines de nouveautés Ma naissance, le meilleur événement, bien sûr Suivi de plein de

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My 60 years

What about the past five decades? First decade – was full of novelties My birth, the best event, of course Taking many international trips From

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Who are we ?

Where do you come from? I am a little higher than the apes I evolved from some very hi-tech medieval slime What are you doing

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Keep going

On this journey of life We make many encounters Working colleagues who desperately need the Lord Conceited family members sensing no real urgency Fair weather

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Why ?

Me. Why me ? Why this life ? Why this sad situation ? Why this valley of sorrows ? “My child, my daughter, my son, It’s

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Abundant life

No matter our lot in life Whether living among the advantaged of this world Or surviving with varying levels of total unfairness Or facing the

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