End que 2022

The past few years have been crazy
Two years of Covid
With all the isolation
Leading to all it’s evils

The war in Ukraine
Senseless destruction for what?
With this host of refugees
Worldwide unrest
Nations torn apart
Crime becoming the norm
Lack of leadership and morality
Confusion in every aspect of life
Uncertainty in politics, economics, and social systems

What next?

The Church and religions hold no answers 
They are all just as confused as we are
They can give no answers 
Where do we turn?

As for me I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 15. He has seen me through thick and thin throughout the years. The biggest of all blessings is that He has given me perfect peace. Wonderful peace that whatever the situation He is my stronghold and fortress. 

I wish for 2023 that you can find this peace. Whatever you may be going through, whatever the turmoil this world finds itself in, you may rest in His peace.