Creation – nature

Le Sequoia

Je me tiens Haut et Fier Depuis mes 120 mètres céleste Rien, absolument rien ne m’échappe Je suis l’Alpha et l’Omega Rien n’est égal à

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The Lord had an artistic flair At creation time Splashing colors around Making the animals In all different shapes and sizes The giraffe with its

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The Uniqueness of it all

The heavens declare your handiwork Handiwork of awesome uniqueness Uniqueness too wonderful Wonderful creation Creation I contemplate the transient clouds Clouds so singularly different Different

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Clouds, Clouds, Clouds, Clouds Calculated Clouds Interesting Idioms Physical Phenomena Spiritual Symbolisms Cloud seven Completely happy, perfectly satisfied, wholly euphoric Cloud eight Befuddled by drinking

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Moments with god

  The dove Symbol of peace In times of darkness In times of great turmoil In the deepest valley of sorrow A dove appears on

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Seven arches of colour Spiritual perfection Red, the ultimate covering His blood Orange, the absolute comforter The paraclete Yellow, the only source His light Green,

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