Moments with god


The dove
Symbol of peace
In times of darkness
In times of great turmoil
In the deepest valley of sorrow
A dove appears on my window sill
I hear the Lord’s gentle whisper
“Peace, my child, my peace”
Thank you, my Lord
I whisper back
Thank you

The rainbow
Symbol of promise
A great resplendant arch
Fluorescent in beauty and wonder
Hides itself behind the transient clouds
Appearing and disappearing from our sight
Like His promises, not always seen
Seeming to vanish with trials
However, they are true
Until their fulfilment
Thank you

The rainbow
Symbol of covering
His blood protecting us
His wonderful light, our mantle
His peace and grace, our comforts
A double arch is an extraordinary occurrence
Above me, this exceptional phenomenon
Singularly confirms His divine favour
A truly refreshing encouragement
In forthcoming years
Thank you

A smile
Symbol of compassion
When I’m feeling lonely
And things appear so hopeless
And the waiting seems never ending
Out of nowhere, there appears a smile
Beaming on a child’s cheerful face
Gently reminding me, once again
Of His patient understanding
That never fails
Thank you

This poem was inspired by those precious moments we each have with our Lord.
A picture of me proves the unusual event in the third stanza.