The Lord had an artistic flair
At creation time
Splashing colors around
Making the animals
In all different shapes and sizes

The giraffe with its noble neck
Towering above them all

The lion with its majestic mane
King of the jungle

The elephant and its elongated trunk
A very unusual straw

The pig with his smelling snout
Unearthing truffles, yum, yum

The leopard stuck with his spots
Can never change them

The cow with pretty brown eyes
Is all she has

The zebra, cousin of the horse
Left his pajamas on

The slick slippery snake silently squirming
Subtly sly as always

(Now it is your turn!
Name an animal with her uniqueness)

The Lord had an ingenious flair
At creation time
Splashing laughs around
Making us humans
In all different colors and sizes