Children’s poems

Maurice Mallard

My name is Mr Maurice Malard An extremely handsome duck am I I live in “Magnifient Park Avenue” I like to visit “Peace Park” The

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Queenie the Quoll

I will bet you never heard of me before I am Queenie the quoll As you can see from my photograph, I’m cute I am

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Nora the Newt

I’m Nora the Newt An amphebian am I I’ve a long tail To swim fast with On the dry land I use my legs Which

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Monica the Mule

Let me introduce myself I’m Monica the mule I am a hybrid I’m very patient and tolerant like a donkey In addition, courageous and strong

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Isador the Iguana

Isador is my name Iguanidae is my Latin name I have three eyes, snazzy huh! My tail falls off easily, spooky huh! Not too worry;

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