Maurice Mallard

My name is Mr Maurice Malard
An extremely handsome duck am I
I live in “Magnifient Park Avenue”
I like to visit “Peace Park”

The other ducks listen to me
Two males and one small female
They are there to serve me
They must obey my “quack, quacks”

Their pond just suits my needs
I preen myself when I desire
I am king of this lakelet
Others show me respect by hiding

When He was taking his daily swim
A school of red gold fishes
Some stripped, some fat, some thin
Swam quickly and silently under him

And tickled him under his webbed-feet
Giving him such a terrible fright
He was really caught off guard
He flew away in a hurry

Don’t you think it very strange
That such a proud mallard duck
Should be afraid of a tickle?
How is the mighty duck fallen