Herbert the Hedgehog

There was a small brown hedgehog
Herbert by name
Whose daily passion was a jog
Went looking for his “angus og”*

Monday, he searched high and low
Herbert the explorer
All he found was a crow
This wouldn’t do for a “beau”!

Tuesday, he hunted far and wide
Herbert the adventurer
Bent on encountering his new bride
Went stumbling into a thick “brier”

Wednesday, ticks held on to him
Herbert was worried
I’m no longer in good trim
The situation is grim, grim, grim!

Thursday, he was such a sight
Herbert was anxious
Some kind human saw his plight
Antiseptic set these encroachers to flight!

Friday, after his former ordeal
Herbert was hungry
He now must find a meal
Craving for food required a squeal

Saturday, hearing his poor stomach groan
Herbert was famished
Looking and finding a dog’s bone
He enjoyed this ‘unusual’ feast alone

Sunday, not having slept at all
Herbert’s bad conscience
Led him to atone and squall
‘I’ll never steal again!’ he bawled!’

* Celtic god of love and beauty