Clare Savoca

Walking Blind

Walking blind When the tornado strikes And you don’t see it coming You hold on for dear life Walking blind You alone feel it And

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What is gossip? Whether we admit it or not, we have a fascination with gossip. This fascination is why talk shows and tabloids are so

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The lessons we can learn from Zacharias Zacharias means ‘The Lord has remembered’. He was of the course of Abijah.. To properly understand what is

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What is success? I would like to show you from the bible what it is. 1. Romans 4:19-21 And being not weak in faith, he

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Isaac, the son of promise, had the torch passing role between Abraham, the father of the faith and Jacob, the father of the twelves tribes

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Harmony of the Gospels

Who are these critics, these so called ‘liberal Christians’? A Christian is an individual who has committed his life to Christ and who firmly believes

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