Clare Savoca

lI chronicles 7:14

( This poem was inspired from the fact that the following verse, II Chronicles 7:14, is so often misquoted. The phrase in bold is often

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A special Lamb

My sheep hear my voice But this lamb knows Mine I know I can trust her To go that extra mile To smile that extra

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Losing you

The Lord is so silent It is a deafening stillness… In the quietness of the night I hear His silent voice, whispering “I’m afraid of

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Zara the Zebra

Zara Zara the Zebra I have an unusual coat Whites stripes on a silk black undercoat Or black streaks on a white satin prime coat

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Copyright is a funny thing, you know… It’s open to any interpretation. These poems inspired of God, And used in an appropriately manner, Are food

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