Abundant life

No matter our lot in life
Whether living among the advantaged of this world
Or surviving with varying levels of total unfairness
Or facing the complete indifference of the privileged
Where do we find abundant life?

It is being surrounded by His peace
When nothing makes sense

It is being strengthened by His joy
When weakened by sadness

It is being flooded by His pleasure
Amidst the worldly dissatisfaction

It is being overcome by His rest
In this rat race

It is being engulfed by His grace
In the way of pilgrimage sorrows

It is being favoured by His mercy
When unhappiness is all around us

It is being honoured by His power
Amidst the helplessness of our lives

This is the true abundant life
To understand and to grasp its full meaning
We must look beyond blessings which blind us
To perceive and to finally comprehend this principle
That the abundant life is victory