Clare Savoca


In the stillness of the evening Straining to hear His quiet voice I hear only the still silence The silence of my confining circumstances In

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Closing thoughts – 2007

Thanksgiving, a time to remember… Remembering His firm faithfulness Amidst this worldly indifference Remembering His caring compassion Amidst this incessant insincerity Yuletide, a time to

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China the Cat

I had a small cat A Siamese one at that “China” was his given name But none called him that” Puss-Puss” my father continually claimed

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A pastor’s heart

A heart that doesn’t count the cost Nor takes into account the sacrifice involved A heart that honours his high calling To pour himself out

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Ellis the Eagle

Ellis The eagle A majestic bird With first-class eyesight Symbol of power and strength With its powerful and graceful wings Comprising of many feathers, over

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Lorna’s Legacy

Her loud, catching and contagious laugh Reflected her joy in the Lord. Her peaceful, perpetual and communicable smile Was a tremendous encouragement to everyone. Her

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