When the Answer is Silent

Life is so unfair…

My life passed me by
I am still in the same rut

Only You can understand…
The pain in my soul
The disappointments in my heart

Your silence is so loud
The darkness is so thick
Why do you not answer?
Your silence is just so loud

Broken backs, broken necks
Incurable sicknesses, walking wounded
Shattered lives, miserable futures
Living these destroyed lives
They desperately need Your power

I received a call today
My son, is so sick
He’s in so much pain
A mother’s heart cries out
I want to embrace her
Comfort her, Lord, in Your love

We need a revival
Put on your armour
Stand in the gap
Be a true warrior
Arise and win many souls

Your love is so abundant
Your light is so bright
Help me see your answer
Your love is just so abundant

Reach out through me
To the hurting souls
To the disappointed in heart

My life isn’t my own
It is all about you, Lord

Eternity will be glorious…