Percival the Pig

Why, hello there
My name’s Percival, Percival the pig
Come with me
Into my world, world of surprises

Come see my abode
Humans call it a nasty smelly pigsty
I call it my own sweet home
What’ more, it’s a very orderly one
And very much like your big houses
I have a corner where I eat
A nice comfortable niche where I sleep
Plus one corner for my personal needs

Come meet my family
My French uncles, go searching for truffles
A human’s speciality, a very curious delicacy
Lulu, my cousin, ran to fetch help
And saved JoAnn after her heart attack*
My Belgium counterparts are so very generous
Undergoing countless tests, saving in the future
Human lives by donating their precious organs

Finally, did you know?
We have a good sense of direction
Having found our way home from afar
Running swiftly at eleven miles per hour
We are classified the fourth intelligent animal
Our frightened screams can measure 115 decibels
Jets taking off measure only 113 decibels**

My little friends
Do not judge, judge by appearances
Know the facts
Pigs are fantastic, fantastic creation of God


*JoAnn’s story

**Pig Facts