Karen the Koala

There was a cute cuddly koala
Karen by name
Koalas’ favourite pastime is to sleep
What does this shuteye state reap?

Monday, she ate eucalyptus leaves
Karen the gourmet
Leaves enough to fill a rubbish-bin
Is not gluttony a mortal sin?

Tuesday, she stayed very much aloof
Karen the hermit
Aloof from her family and friends
Aren’t we meant to make amends?

Wednesday, was her time for birthing
Karen the marsupial
Birthing an inch long minute joey
Is this worthy of a hero?

Thursday, she’s in a tree cushioned
Karen the sloth
Cushioned comfortably by her thick tail
This laziness is to what avail?

Friday, “I know I look cute”
Karen the conceited
Cute enough to entice a hug
Is it good to look smug?

Saturday, “I will not be tamed!”
Karen the wild
“Tamed isn’t my cup of tea
I was born savage you see!”

Sunday, these questions remained top secret
Karen the spiritual
Secret things belong unto the Lord
Secret things belong unto the Lord*

Deuteronomy 29:29