William the Whale

William, the big whale
Hearing one bright Monday morning
A voice from above
“You must go to Tarshish”

William, the large fish
Swimming all day on Tuesday
“What’s all this about?”
“Stop asking questions, just obey!”

William was now tired
Reaching the destination on Wednesday
“Where is my food?”
“Wait, do not be impatient!”

William was happily waiting
Opening his mouth this Thursday
Jonah suddenly pops in
“What have I just swallowed?”

William was not well
Feeling very poorly this Friday
“Go now to Nineveh”
And off he goes again

William was very unhappy
Continuing his journey on Saturday
“Lord, I do not understand!”
“It’s not your business!”

William was very nauseated
Vomiting Jonah out on Sunday
He felt very relieved indeed
Now he could go home!