Lonely walk (part I)

You must leave the ninety nine
You must forsake your familiar surroundings
Your comfort zone and security circle
You must put aside your hopes
And walk the dark desert road

It is black, It is lonely
Why am I in this way?

I am not finished with you
I know what I am doing

I want your focus
I want your time
I want your focus

It is so hard
Bitterness lies in wait
Critical spirits hang around
Cynicism is blinding me

Behold, I am with you
And will keep you wherever you go
And will bring you back to this land
For I will not leave you
Until I have done what I have spoken to you*

You must be in a precise place
To meet the people I choose
Don’t panic, I remember My promises
Continue to walk this outcast way
You will then see my Glory


*Genesis 28:15