Patrick the Polar Bear

Out you go!
Let your God rescue now! Ha! Ha!
Oh, dear Lord
Don’t let me die of cold in Siberia!
I walk in the snow for many hours
What is this I see afar off?
A big polar bear walking towards me

Picks me up in his two front paws
“Am I your lunch?”
“What happened to you?”

“I was thrown out of a helicopter
I will not stop preaching the Gospel
Whether to my neighbours
Or to prison colleagues
No matter the cost”

“The journey will be many hours long
My little man, you need to rest”
I sleep, what else can I do?
In his warm den
I now sleep on

Morning breaks and the bear is gone
Too tired, too surprised and too stunned
I wait for fate
What will happen now?
I hear a noise

At my feet he drops a bag
“My little man, here is your food”
“Thank you, dear Lord for this meal”
For three more days
It’s the same pattern

“Time to move on, my little man!”
Picking me up we set off again
For an unknown destiny
He puts me down
“Farewell my little man!”

A forest afar off and people talking
I approach and tell them my story
“We have to be crazy to believe
But come and see
And you will understand”

A row of twenty bags of lunches
All hanging neatly on the wire fence
“One always went missing
The past three days
We believe your account”

My Little friends
Don’t despise the workings of the Lord
He can use the pet rabbit next door!
Or the robin in your back garden!

So watch out!
He may even choose to use you!

A true story told me by a Romanian pastor
(except for the talking polar bear!)