Anatole the Ant

Hello there, I’m Anatole the ant
Yes, an ant, just an ant
One of those annoying insects
That you so easily squash underfoot

Permit me in a humble speech
To enlighten you with some facts
We live in highly organised colonies
With a hierarchy of disciplined workers

Asian nephews produce silk on command
Leaf Cutting ants of South America
Nightly strip all leaves off trees
Africans shoulder twenty-times their own weight

We run fast, very fast indeed
Equivalent to a mere human running
Running as fast as a racehorse
What an amazing spectacle to watch!

Ant brains are largest amongst insects
Processing power as a Macintosh-II computer
“Go to the ant, you sluggard,
Consider its ways and be wise”*

We number one million to you
Before, you squash some relatives, remember
Are humans capable of these facts?
I really do not think so!

*Proverbs 6:6