Debbie and Daniel Duck

Now, Debbie and Daniel lived in park
A park just full of beautiful things
In the middle was a big pond
A pond which all their friends shared

Across the way, was a shaded woodland
A woodland where the family Deer lived
They were surrounded by such good neighbours
Neighbours that many would wish to have

Nevertheless, Debbie wished for a better life
A life full of freedom to choose
Debbie knew the place, a little stream
A stream all to themselves, what bliss!

Away they flew with such high hopes
Hopes that were quickly dashed upon arrival
Amisdt the concrete ran a watery trickle
A trickle so filthy no life survived

Some very kind human saw their plight
A plight, they never should have experienced
Back home they were welcomed by neighbours
The neighbours they should never have left

Now hear this and hear it well

Grass is only greener on the side
The side where the Lord wants you