Simon and Samantha Sparrow

Dwelling above in a small alcove
The family Sparrow had their abode
Said Samantha Sparrow to her husband
“The children have flown the coop
Let’s go out for a meal”

Simon replied, “I know just the place!”
With new found freedom, off they went
The night was warm by the lake
And perched on the restaurant’s new railing
They surveyed with pleasure the menu displayed

And having finally taken their pick
They flew up to the spread
Simon landed on the gentlemen’s plate
Samantha then bravely took a dare
Look at me on her fork!

“What friendly humans for sharing their meal!
They were delicious French fries we had”
Finally back to their nest they went
In the wee hours, I might say
Retiring to bed with so much noise

On the morrow, self confidence rising
They flew to an outdoor restaurant
“Just look at that half croissant!”
Simon answered, “It’s far too big!”
Samantha was not to be discouraged

Having decided to take one end each
They flew off with their new acquisition
Leaving a very perplexed and surprised woman
A crow having witnessed the whole scene
Robbed them of their most treasured loot

Leaving them pining after their loss
They wondered what had bechanced them
So you see my little friends
There is a price to pay
For pride and greed and theft