Life’s purpose

Focussing my life on Christ is my desire
And, to worship Him is far above everything.
Yearning, yearning to comprehend His most wonderful love
Enabling me to lose myself in His presence.
Learning the wisdom to recognise the many hindrances;
That of despair, fear, frustration, pride and, worry
And, to understand fully that only true worship
Will bring perfect and complete peace of heart.

Reflecting my Lord’s characteristics is my ultimate goal,
To seek honesty and truth whatsoever the cost.
Pursuing, pursuing after temperance, purity, holiness and, meekness
And, seeking the true righteousness first and foremost.
Willing always to endure hardship, persecution and, unfairness
And to forsake any acknowledgment, self-importance or arrogance.
Just as the moon reflects the sun’s brightness
So I must daily mirror the Lord’s justice.

Serving my Lord Jesus Christ is my ambition,
To apprehend the potential of my spiritual gifts.
Inviting, inviting His compassion to invade my heart
And to let Him touch lives through me.
Relinquishing my God given abilities into His Hands
For Him to use at His good pleasure.
May I let my renewed personality in God
Reflect His care to the poor in spirit.

Winning the lost, would it be my passion !
There are many not knowing where to turn,
Sharing, sharing my testimony and, the salvation message.
There are those whom have begun with disadvantages
Seeking how they can finally end in triumph.
A mourning for Geneva’s lost heritage, incites me
To pray for her to remember her reformation
And, to receive a new baptism of fire.

Partaking in the saint’s fellowship is my aim,
A blessing beyond description and too often forsaken.
Possessing, possessing this high privilege as a pearl
And the power and unity in corporate prayer.
Allowing God’s love, compassion, concern, and tender mercy
To touch others in their time of need.
The Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for us
Therefore I must give Him all my life.