Where are you ?

Walking into church for a mid-week service and musing
Where are the people?
“They are playing with the comforts of this world.

“In a night vision, I saw many lost souls being dragged into Hell
By devilishly dark demons
Screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming…
Screaming in utter despair
Screams from their innermost souls, seeing a hopeless eternity.

Where are the Christians?
Why don’t they care? and why so much indifference?
Those screams haunt me…
The knowledge of many souls waking up in Hell
With no more hope…
Should paralyse any humane person, let alone the Christian.

Where’s their burden?
A burden for lost souls that doesn’t let go.
Why are they sleeping?
Don’t they realize the tangible danger they are in?
What are they doing?
They are playing with the unquenchable fires of Hell.