Who are we ?

Where do you come from? I am a little higher than the apes I evolved from some very hi-tech medieval slime What are you doing

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Why all this suffering ?

Waiting for his time Hoping beyond all hope Yelling aforetime His victory Aborting all negative thoughts Laughing at apparent defeat Labouring for the Kingdom Tasting

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Foyer Handicap, c’est quoi ?

Foyer Handicap, c’est quoi? Faciliter leurs vies réduites Obtenir de l’aide indispensable Yodler tous ses bonheurs Encourager leurs multiples efforts Respecter l’autonomie de chacun Honorer

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Why ?

Me. Why me ? Why this life ? Why this sad situation ? Why this valley of sorrows ? “My child, my daughter, my son, It’s

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What is Life ?

Is life materialism and health? Or is it success and fame? Or comfort, security and money? What’s the meaning of life? A few bask in

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