Daniel (dedicated to him on his 18th birthday)

Nature’s seasons are flamboyant:
Winter’s white stillness
And Spring’s cherry blossom,
Summer’s tranquillity,
And Autumn’s golden shade.

Spiritual seasons are divinely appointed:
The cold silence of the dark hours,
The warm awakening of a new hope,
The excitable moments of fulfilled dreams,
And the fragrance of a change in tide.

Life’s seasons are ever changing:
From the cradle to childhood,
To puzzling teenage years.
Are these memorable times
To point us to higher ground?

Seasons of adulthood are perplexing –
From further studies to marriage,
To the upbringing of children.
Years go by and without discernment
Our window of opportunity can pass.

Life’s seasons aren’t an episode in time:
Their preparation demands careful scrutiny,
They are stepping stones to what ensues:
An occasion to perceive the Lord’s Hand,
To apprehend a higher goal to fulfil it.

The need to stay vigilant is ever present:
To be watchful in prayer, mindful of His word
Ever listening to His voice,
To hear His perfect wisdom,
And thereby fulfilling our ultimate goal.