Another lockdown

Another lockdown!
Another semi-confinement!
What is happening? 

Who’s in control?
Who can we trust?
What’s is happening next?

The world’s going haywire
Viruses, racism, political unrest, etc…
A very scary scenario indeed!

Listen to me my people
I’m trying to get your attention
Put your agendas aside and listen

It is a second to midnight
I am coming for my precious bride
But are you truly ready? Are you?

Freely you have received your own salvation
Are you willingly showing others the way?
Freely point the lost souls to salvation

If you really do love me
You’d see my bleeding heart
Weeping for this lost humanity

Will you leave your comforts?
And be My voice? 
And be My hands?

Do you not hear?
Stop your busyness
Listen to me

There’s no time
For comforts
No time