What will happen when we come out of Lockdown?
Lockdown for some was just another of life’s frustrations
Frustrations demanding a return to life as it was
But it will never be the same!

Did we take the time for some deep introspection?
Introspection into our busy agendas and our important priorities
Priorities demanding our time over our family and friends
But this time wasted is forever gone!

How do we get back to our first love?
Love needing to find that secret place of prayer 
Prayer that will sincerely seeks the heart of God
But this requires much time and sacrifice!

Is there anyone willing to draw closer to hear?
Hear God’s heartbeat and compassion for the unsaved
Unsaved because none will agonize for their lost souls
How must we continually break God’s heart!

His patience does have an end
How I fear for those who will not hear