Godly indignation

I feel a Godly indignation
And I must speak out
I cannot remain silent so …
Covid-19 is reaping panic
And what do we do?

Covid-19 is very dangerous
For those over 65 years
For the weak in health
Do we know these people
And what do we do?

With all these imposed restrictions
Precursors of things to come
Global world order is coming
End times are truly here
And what do we do?

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing and Nothing
Quoting Scripture to protect ourselves
But what about lost souls?
We break the Saviour’s heart!

The Lord is coming soon
Saying ‘once saved always saved’
But are we absolutely sur?
We need to work out
Our precious salvation with diligence  

“You’ve never truly found Jesus
If you do not tell
Others about our Lord Jesus”*
Back to our first love
Out of our comfort zones!


*Charles Spurgeon