M y   T h a n k s g i v i n g

T‘is the time to remember the Lord’s graciousness over the recent pasT
His help was ever present; a comfort I’m privileged to live witH
nswered prayer was assured; whether yes, no, wait, or just Dei GratiA
othing was left to chance; He has everything under His caring attentioN
Kindness was seen in small everyday actions; ingratitude must make Him sicK
olutions to problems were always forthcoming; Heavenly expertise meets all our needS
Guidance from Him was available; He sees the end from the beginninG
Incapacitated by many obstacles; the road was lined with sweet flos aurantiI
anishing hopes tried to gain ground; our dreams are God willing, D.V.
I recalled His wonderful love towards me; then His command Caritas ChristI
ghtly darkness brought accusing thoughts; the morning light dawned with joyful expectatioN
oodness was all around; throughout the year mercy and grace was aboundinG

W h y   a r e   y o u   t h a n k f u l ?


DeiGratia – by the grace of God (latin)
Flos aurantii – Orange blossom (latin)
D.V. – Deo volente (latin)
Caritas Christi – It implies a command to love as Christ loved (latin)