Sharing in Christ’s sufferings

You paid for our sicknesses at the cross
We thank you for the forty stripes you bore
We are healed because of Your ultimate sacrifice
But why do so many forget to thank you?
While many others wait and wait their miracle

We go and heal unbelievers in Your name
Demons are cast out setting these people free
Many prayers are answered to their utter amazement
Showing Your love and tears of gratitude flow
Demonstrating Your mercy and compassion to the lost

Suffering that lasts is so hard to understand
You took our infirmities so why the delay?
Why then do I not see the manifestation?
With our logic we cannot comprehend your love
Love and suffering don’t mix or do they?

“I will heal you but in my time”
But Lord, when will it be your time?
I’m hurting and I’m tired of continual pain
Your silence is more than I can bear
“Your healing will be for my Name’s sake”

Christ’s sufferings were of a very different nature
They were solely according to God’s Divine will
God’s way is the narrow road of suffering
The way of the “very long road home.”
Are we willing to partake of Christ’s sufferings?

Are we prepared to forsake our personal ambitions?
Or to have our decisions transformed into His?
God’s silence protects us from our foolish words
And sheltering us from our own presumptuous ways
Allowing us to go through while not understanding

When there are no tears left to cry
When there are no words left to debate
When the pain is your constant unwanted companion
When suffering has numbed your senses beyond feeling
When all hope has long lost its meaning

Then my child you are sharing in my sufferings