Philippians 4:8 (dedicated to John Dunn)

Whatsoever things are …..

Truthfulness, a quality forgotten in our time
Rekindling its fire is the Christian’s duty
Unrefined realities in this world are rampant
Ever vigilant’ should be the believer’s motto

Honesty, a spiritual fruit unheard of nowadays
Overcoming political correctness is our legal obligation
Name calling and vilification are the norm
Eternally standing against the tide of falsehood
Shameful lies are hidden in our conversation
Tongue bridling must be our everyday discipline

Justice, a term twisted, corrupted and perverted
Uprooting contemporary deceptions is our daily assignment
Subtlety transforming truth into subterfuge and perjury
Thoughtful consideration of our foundations is needed

Purity went out with the dark ages
Undertaking to bring back this unique virtue
Rejection of all righteousness, holiness and morality
Endless endeavours to retrieve all moral excellence

Loveliness’ meaning is beauty turned inside out
Opposing all invading darkness – no compromise allowed
Vanity appearing in all avenues of life
Excising all this ugliness is our aim
Living in utter depravity and enjoying it
You must stand firm against the tide

Goodness has unfortunately come to mean darkness
Obeying the Ten Commandments is not optional
Obscenities are the standard in every sentence
Departing from such horrors is a must

Remembering His goodness warms our very beings
Enduring hardship becomes part of our life
Praise and adoration flowing from our heart
Offerings and sacrifices are our willing commitment
Reflecting on our great and wonderful salvation
Thanksgiving is an attitude determining our altitude

If there be any virtue,
And if there be any praise,
Think on these things.