Finding your purpose

Forgetting the things of the past
Identifying our weaknesses and bad habits
Negating all those continual nagging thoughts
eciding to change our habitual course
Instructing ourselves in His wonderful Word
Neglecting the idle talk and hobbies
Giving up the ‘ME’ into His Hands

Yielding to the Lord
Obeying our High calling
Undertaking the necessary measures
Repenting of our wrong conceptions

Prioritizing our projects
Reflecting your Glory
Organizing our time
Laughing at ourselves
Interceding for others
Forgoing our ambitions
Immobilizing our fears
Clarifying new decisions

Projecting our future goals for 2012
Utilizing our talents for His purpose
Rising up to the Divine challenge
Planning for the imperatives in life
Optimizing schedules to fit into His
Studying hard to show ourselves approved
Extolling His Name above our daily lives