Yvan the Yak

I live in the Himalayan region
Yvan’s my name
I’m in the Mongolian foreign legion
In Tibet resides our hall of fame

I’m a great provider of wool
Yvan the supplier
I have need of many spools
Providing the great demand of human’s attire

My meat is a true delicacy
Yvan the herbivore
It is very highly recommend medically
I am known as the cattle’s commodore

We carry hundred and fifty pounds
Yvan the packer
Our many abilities knows no bounds
I am most definetly not a slaker

We have our own definite personality
Yvan the individualist
We operate with a great functionality
I learn fast I’m quite an academist

Do not judge my looks exterior
Yvan the unlovely
God is interested by my interior
The Lord purposely created me behovely