Patrizia, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘gentle’
You have a true mother’s tenderness
Providing a safe haven for all
Supplying a warmth desirous of many

You were there for your husband
Always attentive to each child’s needs
Busy with chores of a homemaker
Making the home a calm oasis

You still had time for others
Your sensitive being heard the cries
The tears of my mother’s feelings
Silent weeping of a broken life

You were that gentle listening soul
That one longs for in friendship
You were the quiet indispensible balm
I am forever grateful to you

You are nearing your pilgrimage’s end
The Lord Jesus is calling you
‘May I come into your heart?
I love you so very much’

‘I died for your eternal life
I want you in my kingdom
Please let me into your heart
I long for your tender fellowship’

‘Will you let me in?’