Missing lamb

Please do not hide from me
You do your best at work
Helping all those in unfortunate positions
Your heart is seeking for love

I know your family is broken
You didn’t want this to happen
Leaving you bereft and without bearings
You wish you could go back

I know your nights are long
I see your tears and loneliness
My dear child, I created you
I know about your shattered heart

You’ve been searching a long time
Trying to understand this crazy world
Looking for answers and desiring comprehension
Hunting for solutions and wanting understanding

Despairing of your very life
I have heard your cries
What is this life about?
Oh, what’s it all about?

My dear sweet child
Rest peaceably in My loving arms
Stay cradled close to my heart
Oh, how much I love you

Give me your life
Let me infuse it with mine
I long for communion with you
I yearn to hear your heartbeat

Please let me in
I want you to be Mine
Will you please let me in?

Please let me in
Oh, how much I love you

Oh, please let me in…