As I sit waiting
Many people pass me by

As I watch
I see an innocent child
Full of life budding with excitement
Your entire lifetime stretches out before you
Do not waste it on useless frivolities
Jesus loves you, Child

As I consider
I see an assertive teenager
He has it all under control
He is master of his own life
He needs nothing – he needs no one
Jesus loves you, Teen

As I muse
I see a worried father
He is concerned about his family
Will he provide enough for his children?
Every man for himself, no one cares
Jesus loves you, Father

As I observe
I see an overburdened mother
Forever trying to make ends meet
Busy with all those monotonous daily tasks
Leading a hectic life – no free time
Jesus loves you, Mother

As I survey
I see a solitary one
She seems lost – looking for hope
She’s on her own – very lonely indeed
She thinks she lives a meaningless life
Jesus loves you, Single

As I ponder
I see an old grandmother
Her eyes have a distant gaze
You must have had a rich life
No one is interested in it now
Jesus loves you, Grandma

As I meditate
I see an elderly gentleman
His forehead lined with deep wrinkles
Your life is packed full of experiences
No one has time for you anymore
Jesus loves you, Grandpa

As I sit waiting
Many people pass me by

What are their destinies?
My people need the Lord

Will you go and tell them?